Monday, January 21, 2008

Chen Luanhsun fifth time captures the media big prize

Chart: Chen Luanhsun (is left), Li K'och'in, the ancient great base is aloof in now the musical world status

Chen Luanhsun (Eason) night before last in ten big Chinese golds tune promulgation ritual, depending on altogether attains 20 award items in each big promulgation ritual, fifth time becomes "the media big prize" the new owner, he is the field sings and dances the deductive four great heavenly gods, Zhang Guorong and the Tan Yonglin golden tune, when jumps excitedly, carelessly sprains the finger, the period he offers sings Liu Dehua "Alone To go 偷歡" loses.

Eason in the promulgation ritual, has traded three pullovers, he said: "Last the part congress already arranges, a tone sings the connected golden tune, I am not all big 夠 was mad, but sings happy, may deduct the four great heavenly gods, elder brother, the arran song, salutes to them, but performs the period, I carelessly sprain the finger, the possible basic free time to do not 夠." Has refers to him to depend on 20 prizes to become the big winner, Eason indicated that, this moment also does not have to want to cross several prizes, only is very anxious must perform final part. Has refers to him to sing Hua Tzu "Alone To go 偷歡" loses, he thought "flings the mouth" is normal, because he has been very long has not sung Hua Tzu song, when his this late aperture sings Hua Tzu song, also thought sings very much resembles the Chinese young.

Sings Hua Tzuchin the tune "to fling the mouth"

Eason "scolds 咤 in business; The promulgation ritual "on, spoke everybody to be the singer to be very laborious, proposed was inferior to did a trade union. Had not thought his this speech, some three congressmen responded his speech on the other day in some newspapers, they called Eason to be inferior to completed the music, because did the trade union was the very complex matter. Eason acknowledged oneself is very ignorant, simply did not know any is the trade union, had not thought congressman can pay attention his speech, their opinion lets him study understands many matters. Will ask Eason to be able in the future otherwise the cautious word? He indicated can do as far as possible many, he smiles the word to want to study enriches oneself, in brief hoped has comes on stage the performance opportunity, he very grateful own perform when has a class of supporter. He expressed the pressure only can come from the performance, cannot have the pressure to the award item.

Gram industrious name 實至名歸

Li K'och'in thought Eason results in the media big prize, 絕 to is 實至名歸, because Eason passes a year result to be most prominent, the Guangdong small dish and the national language small dish equally complete. Asked he can otherwise snatch the media big prize from the Eason hand? A gram attendance speaks frankly oneself has not ever taken "the media big prize", each time he all is the row third, extremely average. Asked he can otherwise regard "the media big prize" is the goal? He expressed had thought not like this, reporter is called him to send the strength attempt to strive for, a gram attendance will smile word next year diligently, took "the media big prize" then to retire. Laughs at him such quickly to want to retire, doesn't want again to pursue many children? He expressed temporarily had not planned, if lives a pair of 孖 embryo like Wu Chiale, some three children's speech, he had to hold 演唱會 every year, therefore he wanted first Chu Tohsieh the money, not to dare randomly to live. Asked he outside did not worry intends? A gram attendance speaks frankly is a discrete person, cannot easily let the accident appear.

Wants to pursue many children regarding the Eason expression, a gram attendance smiles said, Eason takes "the media big prize" then to have to be fresh, therefore he all wants to take "the media big prize" only then to pursue more than 1.

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