Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Melissa Ng Looking Good After Year Away

Cast members of TVB's new release The Master Of Tai Chi <太極>, including Vincent Zhao (趙文卓), Raymond Lam (林峯), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘) and Derek Kok (郭政鴻) took part in a promotional event at a shopping mall today.

After a year away from the public eye, female leading star Melissa Ng (吳美珩) took a break from looking after her baby daughter as she attended the event and looked extremely well. She quickly became the focus of attention from the press, who were keen to catch up with her. She was in high spirits as she explained the origins of her daughter's name: "Megan means 'pearl', my husband chose the name, because she is very precious."

Asked if she plans to return to filming soon, she said that Megan is now seven months old, but still needs a lot of care and attention, so although she still has a management contract with TVB, she has no plans to return to work just yet. "Maybe when she is a little older, then I will continue to work if it is suitable. My husband respects my personal decision and he knows that I will still look after our daughter." As for whether or not she plans to have another child, she said that she will not because she wants to spend more time with her daughter.

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) was also present, but she had to leave early to attend another engagement in Guangzhou. Asked if she felt disappointed at the mediocre ratings for the series, she said: "It's not bad, maybe the storyline is more specialised because it focusses more on the kung fu." As for the criticisms that her character is too exaggerated, she explained that this was the personality of the role, who is very animated, but she accepts that people will have different viewpoints.

When it was suggested that the viewers prefer to see her in lighter comedic roles, Myolie said that she did not want to confine her performances to one genre, because she likes to try different roles. She added that she was very pleased with her performance because the role of an amnesia sufferer was quite special and unusual.

Vincent will be returning to his home in Beijing after a brief three-day visit to Hong Kong to promote the show. He revealed that he has just bought into a new 6000-square foot residence, which is currently being decorated, so he is eager to check on progress and buy some furniture for the house. Vincent's daughter is now five and half months old, so he was sharing baby photos with Melissa when they met.

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