Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Miriam Yeung & Friends Help Snowstorm Relief

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅), Timmy Hung (洪天明), Monica Chan (陳法蓉), Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Max Zhang (張晉) departed Hong Kong airport today, bound for Sichuan Province in China to visit victims of the worst snowstorms to hit the country in 50 years.

Miriam was still suffering from the flu bug, so she decided to wear a mouth guard to prevent spreading it to others taking part in the trip. Miriam caught the bug over a week ago, but has not yet recovered. Miriam was asked if she was worried that, because she was sick, rather than her visiting the victims, others would have to take care of her instead. Miriam laughed that she is too strong-willed, so the moment she decided to go on the trip, she would do it to the best of her ability regardless of her illness. She said that she wanted to visit the victims to show them her support.

It was Ada and Max’s first public outing since their wedding in January. The two appeared very much in love when they arrived at the airport hand-in-hand. During the interview at the airport, the couple still had their hands tightly clasped together and would occasionally smile sweetly at each other.

Ada said that the trip was for them to witness the crisis first-hand and to help them better appreciate their own lives. She commented that this is the first time they have been able to travel together on such a mission, because during their courtship they had not been able to do so. When it was pointed out that Ada reflected on the past as if they were an aged couple, Ada laughed out loud and rejected the idea of being old.

Max revealed that he is of Sichuan origin so is happy to be able to do what he can to help the grief-stricken province. Ada pointed out that the opportunity for them to be able to help others was due to the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild (香港演藝協會) inviting the couple and Monica to take part in the visit, so she felt that they were blessed with the mission.

Ada has taken a break from work since the wedding. When asked when she will be getting back to work, she said that she had filmed series back-to-back all last year, so she did not intend to start work any time soon.

Reporters asked if the reason for her reluctance to work was she wanted to spend more time with Max. Ada admitted that that is definitely one of the reasons. She publicly gushed to Max that he was so great to be attached to that there was no reason to not stick to him like glue. Being put on the spot, Max could only smile bashfully and thank her for the compliment.

Monica arrived late to the airport and kept apologizing for her tardiness. She later explained that she had lost her house keys, and, just as she said it, she looked around and laughed that there had better not be any burglars around to hear the comment. However, she added that she ended up having to change the locks, so there was no need to worry.

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