Sunday, April 20, 2008

Akina Hong Wah - 康華, Actress

Name: Akina Hong 康華
Age: 32
Height: 5'3.5"
Weight: 101 lbs
Measurements: 32, 24.5, 34

* The Green Grass of Home (2007)
* Au Revoir Shanghai (2006)
* Men in Pain (2006)
* Glittering Days (2006)
* War of In-Laws (2005)
* Into Thin Air (2005)
* When Rules Turn Loose (2005)
* Love Bond (2004)
* Hidden Treasures (2004)
* Hard Fate (2004)
* King of Yesterday and Tomorrow (2003)
* The Driving Power (2003)
* Doomed To Oblivion (2002)
* Seven Sisters (2000)
* The Heaven Sword & The Dragon Sabre 2000 (2000)
* The Legendary Four Aces (TVB, 2000)
* Armed Reaction III (TVB, 2001)
* Witness to A Prosecution (TVB, 1999)

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* eSeong Network Reviews *

* ) I like her especially in Armed Reaction III. She also played evil characters in the earlier Armed Reaction I and II.

Actually, I think she's 35, she born 12/5/1971. And she started out from the Miss Hong Kong Competition in 1994 or something.

* ) good looking indeed
really enjoyed her acting in ar3
dont think she will be appearung ever again thou

* ) She's one of my favourite supporting actresess!~She really looks good for her age.Yeah,I wonder why TVB doesnt offer her a main character?...Anyway she was also in Men In Pain...

One more thing,support Akina forever!

* ) she was also in 'Hidden Treasure' the one with Bobby in it, she plays the wife of 'Pan Kai' (thats the bad guys name in the series).
its a tvb series about two rival electronic stores and other bits and baps. pretty good =]
also shes really pretty, but its true, that shes always stuck with the bat por roles lol.

P.S. O'yea, shes also in Love Bond, she's Kenix Kwok's ex-boss

* ) i really like her a lot and i think she can take on a lot of parts.. too bad she never really got any promotion to be the main character of series.... i hope sumday i will be able to see her play a very important role since her acting is not bad at all..

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