Sunday, April 20, 2008

Red Cliff

Title: Red Cliff
Released: 10 July 2008
Director: John Woo
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama

Tony Leung Chiu Wai - Zhou Yu
Takeshi Kaneshiro - Zhuge Liang
Vicki Zhao - Sun Shangxiang
Shido Nakamura - Wa Long
Chang Chen - Sun Quan
Zhang Fengyi - Cao Cao
Chiling Lin - Xiao Qiao
Hu Jun - Zhao Yun

This film is loosely adapted from parts of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

In Autumn of 208 AD, 100,000 peasants fled with their beloved leader Liu Bei from Cao Cao's million man army. With the aid of heroes like Zhao Yun (the subject of the new "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon" film) and Zhang Fei, they escape across the Great River (Chinese 'Yangtze') to take refuge with Sun Quan, the leader of the south. As Cao Cao prepares his huge navy to invade southern China and destroy them both, geniuses like Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu devise a grand strategy. They hope to destroy Cao Cao's 10,000 ships with fire upon the river, but must first trick Cao Cao into chaining his ships together, and then change the direction of China's famous and freezing North Wind. While these two struggle to put aside the rivalry between Liu Bei and Sun Quan's forces, they must hatch their legendary schemes before Cao Cao is ready.

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* ) they'll release red cliff in 2 different versions
asian version: 2 movies
international version : 1 movie
the story is too long and difficult to put in 1 movie, for international viewers it's good that there will only be 1 movie or otherwise it's probably gonna be too complicated for them
for asian viewers the length of 1 movie is just too short to tell the story properly, it's very smart of the director to put it in 2movies

* ) Wow.. Great cast. I love it when Tony and Takeshi work together. And it seems like recently, there's been a lot of versions of "Romance of Three Kingdoms"

* ) this movie should be great, with a great action movie director and tony that is a must see thank you

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