Monday, April 28, 2008

Andy Lau Too Happy

Yesterday, Andy Lau led his two sons to the “Andy Lau Wonderful World Hong Kong Concert 2007” blue ray DVD signing in Kowloon. He was notified that the sales for the concert DVD broke the DVD sales record on the first day. Andy was ecstatic. He said the concert DVD was filmed using HD so all the imperfections will be shown. But Andy was confident in his looks and does not believe that HD filming will put him under stress. Andy said: “At the start of the concert, I was all sweaty from the lasers. My makeup melted after three songs. I nearly had no makeup on but the effects were better. For the movie “All About Love”, I went to Thailand to learn about HD makeup techniques. Since I didn’t learn much, I didn’t use it. I rather spend an extra hour doing facials before going on camera.”

The torch bearer list for the Olympic fire in the Hong Kong area was revealed yesterday. Andy was on that list. He expressed that it was highest honour when they told him. He has kept up with his running so there would be no problem with his physical form. Andy said he would follow the organizer’s rule and portray a dignified attitude. He is most happy that he can have that torch as a memorabilia. Andy said: “Of course I would place it in my house.” The reporter asked if he was afraid of protestors during the course of the run. He said: “Don’t know. The government will have protection so we don’t need to think about it.”

It has been widely speculated that Andy will marry his long time girlfriend of 23 years, Carol Chu. Lately, his friend Kent Tong was interviewed in mainland China. He exposed that Andy and Carol has been together the entire time and if they were to get married, then it will be the fruition of their love. Kent also explained that Andy does not have any children but he has encouraged Andy to have children while he is still young. Andy was prepared when he was interviewed about this topic. Andy was all smiles when he heard the name “Kent Tong”. After the reporter was finished asking his question, Andy responded: “I advise him to speak up less. I have talked about it a few days ago. I don’t want to talk about this right now. If you need to ask, ask Michael Miu and Kent.” The reporter asked if Andy was angry at Kent. Andy said: “I would talk to him privately about

source: mingpao
translations: asianblog

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) o wow, Andy's HD concert DVD beat Sammi's last year?? I guess it's the massive fanbase. I thought Sammi's record would be hard to beat considering that she has been out of the limelight for a long time prior to her concerts..and that Sammi's concert was highly anticipated.

* ) Congrats to Andy! it is a honor to be a torch bearer. And I cna't believe that he gets to keep the torch!

* ) congrats on andy.jus had 2 say but...his 2 sons look so cute!

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