Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So all this time .. we tried to bring some sense to these senseless kpop fans, hoping they could help out to limit sushi appearances all over the place … and what happened? nothing! you guys even went join their fan club and went gah gah over their cutesy image! Here, this is what happens supporting Sushi!!! Enjoy your oppas being touched with those 9 member ‘Virigins’ from all over the body in the name of work and Cf making … oh yeah cuz your DBSK oppas have signed an Anycall ad with SNSD! and hopefully if the response is great there will be further sequels!

From what we read there will be 3 versions of the CF,
1. Tiffany+ 2 DBSK members (One is Yuhno, for sure)
2. JeTiYoon aka Roommates (Jessica, Tiffany, Yoona) +
Changmin, Yunho, and Micky (couplings in respected orders)
3. All SNSD + All DBSK

The Picture Ad pairings
Yoochun - Yoona
Junsu - Taeyoen
Yunho - Tiffany
Jaejoong - Jessica
Changmin - Sunny

Oh and of course, it’s for work and your oppas are heck more professional that after numerous hours of touchy feely moments with bunch of giggly virgins even think for a single second to ask for phone number (or being forced to accept the phone number? or find a phone number in their pant’s pocket?) Oh and i am so laughing at those fans that even saved up money to buy a certain Sushi member a $800 cellphone for her Birthday!

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Indeed. LOL
I can smell fan hate.

Anyway, only closed-minded people will react against this.
People need to grow up and understand that they are celebrities.
And celebrities need to do pairings and "pretend" sometimes, so NO BIG DEAL.

* ) "virgins"...LMAO...you know dayum well some of those girls ain't pure...i don't know why they be faking the funk for..that's why I like SooYoung because she admit that she watches porn & she's suppose to be squeaky clean...HAHAHAHAHA!!
That's one of the reasons why I don't like SNSD much because they are so fake. I don't like them as a whole but individually I like a few because of personality wise but as a group hell no..

any who..Jessica & Jaejoong aren't they supposedly rumored exes & now they are playing couple...hmmm it may be a rumor but who's to say working together might "rekindle" feelings...lol
Jessica is one of those non-virgins i'm talking about with her countless rumors. they may be rumors but there has to be some truth behind it, right?

I think SooYoung will do better with Changmin instead of Sunny. Since both watches porn videos...so why not put the porn freaks together...

any who i'll still watch the CF
but I think it sucks that the more talented female group in SM isn't getting any kind of promotional love or CFs with the male singers/groups of SM. I think they should since they been in the game longer than the newbie group.
First SNSD gets a CF with SUJU & now DBSK.
Where is the love for CSJH The Grace? They are WAY talented then SNSD...
stupid SM...

* ) i have a feeling these CF gonna cause huge commotion among the fans. *shudders*
jaejoong and jessica, kinda expected whistle.gif
snsd have been filming quite a number of CF, not long ago, din they just film a CF with SuperJunior, and now with dbsk.

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