Saturday, April 26, 2008

Butterfly Lovers has began filming in Shanghai

Butterfly Lovers has began filming in Shanghai, leading actress, Charlene Choi (ah Sa) was filming some scenes in Songjiang District suburb, Shanghai. The constant weather changes have cause quite some problems making crews and cast all guessing what the whether will be like each day. Because of this, unfortunately Charlene have fallen ill and has returned to Hong Kong to tend the illness before going back to film, actor Wu Zun remains behind to begin his filming and take care of things in Shanghai.

Night before last about 7:00, Wu Zun and Director Ma Chucheng, etc. went to have Japanese-style buffet, they spent only approximately 1000 Yuan. Because the local urban district temperature rose again to more than 20 C degrees, the crew decide to stop work for a day. Wu Zun still wore the thick clothes and hat, as if he is prepared to fight! About 10:00, Wu Zun and his assistant first step out of the dining room, there were 2 female Fans outside waiting for Wu Zun and brought him a cake. Wu Zun saw the fans and responded with a kind smile and waves his hand, after he receives the gift, he gets on the vehicle and left, all the while the driver was trying to prevent reporter from taking pictures.

Afterward, Director Ma Chucheng with a female friend walked out. More reporters seem to gather and chaos started. The female friend covered her face and didn't want to be photograph. Director Ma has been holding her LV handbag for her, when they finally made it to a taxi a block later, he gave the handbag back to her. Reporters reported that Director Ma although seem like he was bothered by the cameras, also showed his politeness saying to the reporter: “thanks!”

Source: VD

Gosh, i hope Charlene gets better. Can't wait to see the film! Wu Zun look really cool, the reporters sure scared the director's friend though

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* ) wow, the first thing that stood out to me was that wu zun was the first one out of the buffet!! hahahaha, just joking X) ooh, so they've started to film already, i can't wait to see this film. hopefully charlene gets better, having unpredictable weather must suck. ><

* ) Oh man, Charlene is sick? I wouldn't blame her, the weather seems to change dramatically in Shanghai too much! Hope she feels better soon!

* ) i hope charlene would feel better soon...oh wow..chun had fans outside the restaurant during this kind of weather..? yikes..! i hope they're not going to get sick...heheh..chun DOES look like he's ready for a fight..hahah..

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