Saturday, April 26, 2008

Say Bye Eru

On April 25, 2008, Eru made his last performance on KBS Musicbank with his song “Last Concert”. This song is gaining much popularity and was originally performed with some of Eru’s best friends - Brian, MC Mong, and Mithra Jin. It’s a song of sadness and hope on many levels that reminds listeners to never say “goodbye, forever”. However, on this day, Eru featured the hit duo, Mighty Mouth, to rap for him. This performance was truly one of his best, and at the end of which he shouted, “I’ll be back!”

Eru will be leaving for the 2-year mandatory military service on May 1st. He made a hard decision to give up his U.S. citizenship in order to serve his mother country.

Goodbye Stage
ru (ft. Mighty Mouth)- Last Concert (by Lee Seung-Chul)
Music Bank (Apr 25, 2008)

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) ERU. <333
i miss him already. i can't believe he's going so soon.
and last concert is love. i wished he performed it with brian, mithra, and mc mong.
that would have been awesome.

* ) oh's many of the artistes i like..going for military service...
i love his voice ... gonna miss him.....
thanx for sharing this~~

* ) eru also off....????
too many stars entering military serv this year.......
majority of them r in my fav list
if im not mistaken......eru is in his mid-20's rite....????
im gonna miss him........have a safe "trip"
plz comeback healthily oppa......
we'll wait for u.....^^

* ) oh my god so touched he gave as an au citizen !!! not many ppl will do tat !!

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