Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elanne Kong

Celebrity Album Requests

gallery category: Chinese Female
name: Elanne Kong (江若琳)
birthday: 19 Years Old

She is an new HK celebrity, a stunning beauty, she just released an cantonese album, and she is filming an movie with Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue, where she is the female lead. Also, she has a blog that she keeps updating everyday since years and she hopes keeping it up even though she is becoming really famous. (

* eSeong Network User Review *

* ) dang shes so cute.. i love her songs too, her new album is called innocent
She is far, not much news from her...

* ) Just saw her in 男兒本色!... Although her role was small, she was still pretty good!

* ) She's really good looking. Her voice and acting is pretty good. No wonder she won best female new comer.

* ) She is really pretty. She is going to be in a tvb series: On the first beat 2. i loved her first EP...she had alot of catchy songs...shes a decent actress too. lol i dunno why but she looksa bit like jade kwan, but shes a better singer =P

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