Sunday, April 20, 2008

Manga vs Anime

people start to read any manga and once they finish reading they like it and then they wanna watch the anime and realize that in amine there's something missing from manga or something was added that manga doesn't have so after reading manga and watching anime what do u like the most: manga or anime?

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* ) I perfer the manga. There aren't things like fillers that waste your time, the worst the artist can do is just take a while to release the next chapter. But watching it after isn't a bad thing, there's some different stuff in them sometimes that give you a good kick for the humour that the anime might have that the manga didn't have.

* ) I prefer manga titles, simply because I can read them faster - makes my life at both work and home easier =P xD

* ) most people feel the same with films- once they read the book they think the film's poop lol
im not really a manga person- so anime for me thanks, no need to turn the pages or anything- just sit back and relax

* ) yup in animes the majority of men are drawn using female models, sometimes i wonder if these artists are gay or just plain weird

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