Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Dating at a Movie Premiere

The movie “Iron Man” held it’s premiere yesterday night and attracted many celebrities including Thai action actress Jija Yanin, Janet Ma (Top HK model), Power Chan, Natalie Tong. The hosts for the night were Mimi Lo and Amigo Chui.

Mimi and her boyfriend Power Chan happily took photos for the media. They appeared to be enjoying their date. But the rumoured couple of many years Natalie Tong and Amigo did not approach each other. Natalie says “ I have come to support Amigo and I am used to the rumoured news. It’s better to be rumoured with one person rather than many others. Asked whether she would host a show with Amigo one day? She jokes “That sound’s good, let me suggest that to the company”.

Translated by: kingkongit27 @ Asian EU
Source: Mingpao

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* ) oh wow. didn't know that mimi lo and power chan were dating. and who's amigo???

* ) AWWWWWW so cute hehe (: yeah, they started dating after that ancient series.. ( i forgot the name ) lala. i love power & mimi ! soo kute

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