Monday, April 28, 2008

Kim Hee Chul vs Anti-Super Junior


translations: brenda choi

Kim Hee Chul, the second older member of the korean pop group Super Junior appealed to Dimple Dance Radio station today to make a clear distinction in some reports between Super Junior (13 members) and Super Junior-M in China that has made headlines over the net right before SJ-M's debut.

He praised net columnists that are making this distinction but expressed concerns about others who are perpetuating mistruths about their group, whose members are getting affected by the wrong judgements of others.

Hee Chul said that it is very confusing to the public when some "Anti SJ Movement" evoking Super Junior to disband and using his agency and group's name to describe the "greediness of money".

He reiterated that ELF, with thousands of members, and his agency SM Entertainment are not connected in any way to that.

* eSeong Network User ReviewS *

* ) wat is wrong wid ppl?im sure suju will prob stay as 13 members.its annoyin when ppl make up false statements therefore makin every1 freak out n start havin certain says abt issues.y cant suju fans jus support suju m?dere jus a subgroup!

* ) "He reiterated that ELF, with thousands of members, and his agency SM Entertainment are not connected in any way to that."

Umm.. except ELF are the one who came up with it in the first place, lmao. Nobody thought SM was adding people to Super Junior until ELF came along with their Only 13 mess. Then everybody started hating Super Junior M for no good reason, just because they thought the two new people were being added to regular Super Junior! lmfao

* ) The whole mess started with SM stating that Super Junior was/is a project group and that fans along with members misunderstood for two years. It follows with Lee Soo Man telling fans in an interview that he would like to add 20, 30, 100 members to Super Junior. No one put any words into SM's mouth, they were the ones who said that themselves. However, they could still come out and clarify everything if ELF is still 'misunderstanding' but they choose not to.

And yes, we're tired. We're tired of explaining to pro-sjm that no one hates Henry and Zhoumi as artists and why Kyuhyun was okay but Henry and Zhoumi are not. I'm pretty sure if you did your research better, you would understand why. And if that isn't enough to satisfy you, then nothing will. So just go, go and be merry with SJM.

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