Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jason Chan Cries At Concert for Leslie

Four newcomers – Jason Chan (陳柏宇), Ken Hung (洪卓立), Eunix Lee (李卓庭) and Cathy Leung (梁雨恩) – performed at the Leslie I Love You tribute concert yesterday, held at the E-Max, Kowloon Bay.

They all sang the late Leslie Cheung (張國榮)'s classics.

During the performance of the song "Little Star" <小明星>, Jason became very emotional and cried uncontrollably. He claimed that, while in Canada, he rarely listened to Chinese songs and therefore did not know who Leslie was until he was older.

Ken sang the song "Chase" <追>. He said that one of his favourite films is Leslie's He's A Woman, She's A Man <金枝玉葉>. He added that, since watching that film, he began idolising Leslie.

Recently, Wong Jing (王晶) expressed concerns over the length of contracts that Emperor Entertainment Group, one of Hong Kong's largest entertainment companies, tie their artists to. His comments come in light of the news that Isabella Leong (梁洛施) is being sued by EEG for trying to leave.

Asked to comment on this, Ken, who is also at EEG, said that it is neither fair nor unfair because an artist is aware of the duration when signing his or her contract.

Finally, when asked if he believes Isabella is really dating Li Ka Shing (李嘉誠)'s youngest son Richard Li (李澤楷), Ken only responded that, as a friend, he would wish them all the best.

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