Monday, April 21, 2008

Jason Chan Jokes that Yumiko Cheng is Old

Jason Chan Jokes that Yumiko Cheng is Old
Yumiko Cheng, Ken Hung, Jason Chan, Sherman Chung, Pakho Chau and Chelsea Tong attended the premiere for their movie “Love Is Everywhere”(愛情萬歲) last night. Yumiko was arranged to talk first about her experiences in filming this movie. This led Jason Chan to joke that she was the oldest so had to talk first. The reporter asked Yumiko whether she mind’s him teasing her? She replied “I’m used to it. He is a funny guy and likes to make a fun atmosphere. We are actually good friends. While filming I got to know him well. I am a nice person therefore will not tease him of being short”.

Ken Hung helps Yumiko wash her feet
Ken Hung expressed that he not only had a kissing scene with Yumiko in the movie but also had to wash her feet. He complimented that she had a pair of soft and beautiful shaped feet, no bad odours just a fresh soapy smell. Yumiko immediately laughed that she didn’t wash her feet especially for filming as she has a bath everyday.

Sherman Chung fell over and hides her sexiness
The reporter asked Sherman whether she asked her rumoured boyfriend Steven Cheung (SunBoyz) personally to attend and support her. She immediately felt akward and explained that it was company arrangements. Also that he came to support everyone.
Asked if she would ask Steven for feedback afterwards? She replied that she will ask all the experienced actors for feedback of her performance.
The reporter then focused on her outfit as to why she was covered up? “Originally I was going to show part of my legs but earlier I fell over in the street and injured my foot. That is why I am wearing stockings.

Source: Mingpao
Translation: Kingkongit27@AsianEU
Credit: AsianEU

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* ) haha ken and yumiko are so cute
don't like sherman much tho....=T
but oh wells, i will watch this movie if i can get my hands on it =P

* ) ken & yumiko are so cute!
sherman's not bad, i quite like her music, but i'm not sure about her acting...until i watch this movie!

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