Monday, April 21, 2008

Nancy Wu’s Stunning Performance in “Strictly Come Dancing”, Receives Four Perfect 10s

TVB stars Angela Tong, Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu,Grace Wong,Christine Ng,Kevin Cheng,Kenneth Ma,Timmy Hung,Eddie Kwan and Derek Kwok took part in the second season of Hunan TV station's "Strictly Come Dancing". Nancy Wu was the best performer of the night, she blew the audience away with a sexy and daring belly dance routine, scoring perfect 10s from all the judges. Many forumers also openly praised Nancy Wu for her splendid performance. Many said it was unexpected.

View Nancy's dance routine on her blog:

Virginia Lok was spotted in the audience cheering for Nancy, does this mean Nancy will be promoted by TVB in the future?

Credits: hotchik234 @ AF

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Oh, haha, Nancy Wu's dancing was really that good? Only one episode came out so far but i really wanted to see it but it's not in Cantonese but Mandarin language.

* ) Season 2 already :O ... are/did they air it on TV already? If so, will be on TVB again?

* ) I want to see this too...where do we watch this or download?thanx...

Anyway, this is the website made by TVB for TVB's participants :

* ) lol as if shes a new star, lol since the old actors are going, its time to get some new Ones in =P , but i dont think she'll get very far with acting lol , maybe professional Ker Ler Fer

* ) lol i want to see Belly Dancing ^^ i mean Dancing, lol how come i never see this on tvb anyway?

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