Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kenix Kwok Steps into Modelling Industry

Kenix Kwok Steps into Modelling Industry

It’s been 1 year since Kenix Kwok’s contract with TVB had expired. Recently she has signed a modelling contract with Style International Management for 1 year. Other Top models in the company are Lynne Hung, Mikki Yao, Angelababy. Kenix is the first actress to sign with this company. Asked whether Kenix consider’s herself replacing Lynne’s (Style sister position) in the future? Kenix replies comfortably “ All of us have different individual styles. We are like a family, most important is that we are happy working together”.

Kenix appeared with a new image yesterday. She had a new hair cut that resembled to Victoria Beckham. Wearing a long DKNY dress and Chanel, Piaget Brands. Style Management Kim and Angelababy gave Kenix gifts and flowers to wish her a good start. Kenix claimed that she has a similar personality to Kim and they both get on very well. Her contract is also very flexible and doesn’t effect her plan’s for having children in the future. She says “My contract does not say that I cannot have children. Briefly speaking, I am ready to have children whenever the time comes”. Kenix is mainly focused on modelling for commercials and will do catwalks. Kenix states “ I want to temporary rest from any tv productions. If there is a good storyline or good partner I don’t mind filming for TVB or a mainland China series in the future”.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I thought she was signing with ATV, pretty interesting that she's trying to be a model now. She does have the body for it so she could make a good older model.

* ) Her hair does look nice on her im gonna give her that but model? i think she is too skinny.. not the model skiinny but the one that makes her look like she can break literally. so i dont know if it would work out...
But if that is what she is set on doing then good luck to her and her future plans. Im sure some people would hire her.. she does have her name out there in the HK word.

* ) I guess she wants to take a rest since modeling isn't as stressful as filming. She looks so great with the new hairstyle. I can't wait for her to start filming when she meets with a good plot!

* ) omg i think she should have childrens soon, I would love for her and frankie to be parents and yes she looks pretty in that pic, tho i wouldnt say her hair looks like Victoria Beckhams (Beckham's looks better) but still like she said, Kenix has her own style hahah...

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