Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yan Cheng Xu Is No. 1

During the filming of Hot Shot, Yan Cheng Xu maintained good relationship with GTV's administrators. Therefore, when the rumors of his pretending injury to delay the ending filming and playing big to be absent from the celebration dinner came out, it was not just Yan Cheng Xu who felt frustrating, even GTV's administrators felt sorry and unfair for him.

According to source, when filming Hot Shot, a big Asian movie invested by Japanese which is similar to A Battle Of Wits (a movie by Andy Lau) offered him NT20 millions to join the cast. As the filming time overlapped with the final stage of Hot Shot's filming, he turned it down with pity. Besides, he also turned down 3 endorsement offers from Mainland China with the fee of NT10 millions for each. Because of the filming of Hot Shot, he has lost another NT30 millions.

Hot Shot's director, Lin He Long, indicates that Yan Cheng Xu is the most serious actor he has worked with , including Show Luo, He Jun Xiang, Wu Zun, etc... During the filming, Yan Cheng Xu didn't have any temper outbursts at all. When compared with Show Luo, Yan Cheng Xu is more reserved, but both worked hard. In order not to delay the filming, after he was knocked down by another player, he continued filming only after a brief ice treatment, and this led to the big swelling of his neck. We could see him use the pain relieving spray a lot afterwards.

Comic's (Wu Zun's agency, not Chai's) Assistant General Manager, Wang Gui Xin, indicates, "Jerry is the model of our Fahrenheit. He only requested to be absent for one day due to toothache, when Show Luo had requested to be absent for about 7 days due to different commercial performance and endorsement activities. Even our Wu Zun had requested more days off than him (Jerry), therefore, the rumors of playing big is very unfair to him."

GTV's General Manager, Lai Cong Bi, said strictly, "If there is opportunity, we would absolutely like to work with Yan Cheng Xu again, as he totally cooperated with the production team and left out his schedule just for the filming, and his professionalism is super admirable."

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* ) Holy crap, this is officially my favorite article. I would LOVE to see Jerry and Ariel act in a Skip Beat adaptation, because it's one of my favorite mangas and Jerry and Ariel are also one of my favorite Taiwanese actors/actresses. Oh man, I hope that Ariel (and Jerry) will agree to this. That's really nice of all those GTV crews to defend Jerry like that too!

* ) Wow, what a dream team of Jerry, Joe, and Ariel filming a series together. Crossing my fingers, hopefully GTV can sign all three stars.

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