Friday, April 11, 2008

Leon's Missus Avoids Aaron's Girlfriend?

Gaile Lok (樂基兒) and Lynn Xiong (熊黛林), nicknamed the two Heavenly Queens because of their respective relationships with two of the Four Heavenly Kings, Leon Lai (黎明) and Aaron Kwok (郭富城), took part in an Estée Lauder catwalk show at the Four Seasons Hotel last night.

For a while there have been rumours in the Hong Kong press that there is a rivalry between the two ladies.

Ming Pao speculated that Lynn's usual fee is between sixty and eighty thousand Hong Kong dollars, but rumoured that Estée Lauder paid her a hundred thousand dollars.

However, the newspaper rumoured that Lynn was still unhappy, because Gaile was paid a hundered and fifty thousand dollars to appear.

After the catwalk show and the group photo with the other models, Gaile, who usually is on good terms with the press, made a beeline for the restroom. She then swiftly headed to the hotel exit.

Organizers told reporters that Gaile was leaving because she was feeling unwell.

However, Sing Tao Daily reported that some reporters followed Gaile to her car and asked her if she was feeling unwell.

She replied: "No. My agent told me not to fuel gossip by talking to you. I also don't want every job the two of us happen to do together to be turned into news. I don't want to be compared. It's nonsense."

Back at the event, Lynn denied that she was getting paid a hundred thousand dollars to appear. She added that she did not want to have her fee compared to Gaile's.

She denied that there was any tension and that Gaile had left early to avoid her.

She said: "We get on well, even though we're not the best of friends. Just now we talked and shared a joke backstage."

Reporters asked whether or not the two couples would get together for a meal.

Lynn said: "Oh, that's never crossed my mind."

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