Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Live Tour in Japan

Arguably Korea's most well known boy band TVXQ is currently busy touring the land of the rising sun. Their 3rd Live Tour in Japan runs from March 19 - May 6, 2008.

With only short trips back to Korea, they will spend most of nearly two months in Japan, performing at a total of 8 cities. This time around, they will be performing at much larger venues compared to their first and second tours. In this third tour, the five fab boys will be thrilling a whopping 180,000 delirious Japanese & International fans. They will hold concerts at cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

Here are some statistics so you can grasp how big the boys have become in Japan.

1st Live Tour 2006 : Heart, Mind, Soul
7 cities, 11 shows - 15 thousand fans

2nd Live Tour 2007 : Five in the Black
10 cities, 16 shows - 58 thousand fans

3rd Live Tour 2008 - [T]
8 cities, 17 shows - 150 thousand fans


* eSeong NEtwork User Reviews *

* ) their fans are growing each year! from the second tour to the third tour the increase is really a big jump.
over the years they achieve so much. they def. deserve the fame and fans they have now.

* ) omg look at the statistics , the number of fans is growing so fast.
congrats and goodluck to all 5 of them they deserve all the fame they have now.

* ) i think its about time those boys go back to korea and make a korean album sad-smiley-065.gif i miss them so much lol....however, with SM trying to kick off SUJU's career, its going to be hard sad-smiley-065.gif

but then hey, nothing wrong with the japanese albums either, just that i wasn't too crazy about their new single.

good god, i wish i could go to one concert!

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