Thursday, May 01, 2008

1st Rank in Top Music

Zhang LiYin rank 1st continously for 3 weeks in "Top In Music" charts

Sohu entertainment news, SM have been constantly promoting the China youngest R&B singer, Zhang Li Yin. Her song was top for continously 3 weeks in Sohu "Top In Music" charts, her popularity remains at a high level.

Sohu "Top In Music" chart evaluates based on the number of times the song is being broadcast by the different radio stations in China, and online votings by listeners.

Zhang Li Yin music was ranked 7th in Top Chinese Music Awards at the first week when her album was released. She continue to hold good results in Sohu "Top In Music" chart till now, ranking 1st continously for 3 weeks.

At present, Zhang Li Yin is participating in various kind of variety programme, promoting her new album.


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* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) R&B? when did she become r$b i hear soft balad if not pop.
Anyways.. thats good for her. I am kinda a fan of hers so its somewhat good news that she is having success in china.

* ) I'm so happy to hear such good news about Li Yin ! ^^
Congrats to her ! (: She's definately working very hard (:
Jia You Li Yin ! ^^

* ) she's been workign very ahrd to promote her cd, so i think she should deserve the fame, but ionno, there a lot of great singers in China that arent getting the same type of promotion,a nd it kinda sucks, b/c li yin does have a really big company backing her up....but congrats to her..

some of her songs are really is, but then other songs are a lil..iono, sometimes i think they should've chose better songs for her to sing, b/c she does havea big voice..

anywhos, hard work does pay off..hopefully she'll gain more popularity!

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