Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Most well-known/popular Taiwanese celeb., who is it?

Who is the most well-known celeb?
This person doesn't have to be your favorite, its just to see who is most known in Taiwan
Probably the first star you ever heard of is most well known?

I reckon Fahrenheit boys are pretty popular, who other celebs can you guys name.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I have to say Ariel Lin...

She's the first taiwanese actress that I've ever known ...and since then have follow

in her series...Not to mention, I think Lee hom is quite famous too not only in taiwan itself

but the asia and states as well...

* ) OOHhh~
Show Luo!!!
His nickname is Asia's Dance King~ (if tt isn't famous enough then wat is??)
He sings, dance, host and act..

Go Xiao Zhu!!

* ) S.H.E - the most popular female group, not only in Taiwan, but in other parts of Asia as well.

Wang Leehom - he's really popular.

Jay Chou - he's even known in the states.

* ) S.H.E of cos!
go around asking and u'll noe..
i'm amaze at how many ppl noes s.h.e
the chinese,indians & malays around me...
Frh is still smhow new la.. although Not tat new too
ask my other classmates & majority dont know them..
but ya.. they are still Popular..

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