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Ming Dao [明道] and Chen Qiao En [陳喬恩] -Part 4-, Popular couple from WZBQW & YY3+1

Popular couple from Prince Turn to Frog (Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa) -- the highest-rated drama in Taiwanese Entertainment since 2005 to date. As leading actor and actress from the well liked drama, Ming Dao and Qiao En have become one the Taiwanese Entertainment's most popular couples! They are referred to as "MingEn" [明恩] by loyal fans. Taken from the phrase 日月因心 which loosely translated as whatever things happen, it's due to your heart.. (The "Ming" [明] from Ming Dao, and the "En"[恩] from Qiao En)

With undeniable strong chemistry, Ming Dao and Qiao En quickly showed their equal strong acting abilities that enhanced each other characters, making their romance on-screen seem so real and believable to many viewers. Being managed by the same Company J-Stars, it given Ming Dao & Qiao En lots of opportunity to co-operated together from making MV clips with their music groups (183 Club & 7 Flowers) or appeared in variety shows together . However with the Company strict rule, forbidden all internal relationships with its artists. The dream for Ming Dao and Qiao En becoming a reality couple was so close yet seem to be impossible.

Until May 2007, MingEn once again collaborated as on-screen partners in the Sanli Summer Idol drama Ying Ye 3 + 1. This was where their chemistry burnt the scenes, and through valuable BTS clips/photos revealed Ming Dao and Qiao En were more than just friends, they are best of friends.

Recently, in Qiao En’s newly published personal book titled ‘Have you seen En?’, she openly talked about her ‘close’ and ‘comfortable’ friendship with Ming Dao by saying “Ah Ming is a prince, and is a frog, he is also an irreplaceable friend!”. Ming Dao also added his personal comment to the book’s foreword in which he said: “Dearest Qiao En, Ah Ming will always support you!”


English name: Matthew
Screen name: Ming Dao [明道]
Chinese Name: Lin Chao Chang
Date of Birth: 26th february 1980
Blood type: O
Horoscope: Pisces
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Hobbies: Play model cars, guitar
Talents: Acting, Hosting

English Name:Joe Chen
Chinese Name: Chen Qiao En [陳喬恩]
D.O.B: 04.04.1979
Blood Type: O
Horoscope: Aries
Height: 164cm
Weight: 47 kg
Language: Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese
Hobbies: Singing, Acting
Talent: Singing, Acting, Hosting

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) Naomi, I also remember reading something about MD/QE should be acting the FTL series.
However, Sunzho does not have enough budget for both of them to act, therefore they
did the story under co-production with Ethan company.
I was also, thinking, could that be the reason why they take in Ethan to act as he looks a bit like MD > I mean a bit only .
MD is still gorgeous incomparison to him.
I can't imagine if QE/MD were to act FTLY - they will definitely confirm their status after the
bedscene ....... dream on.....

* ) Oh wow! thanks for this news, I didn't knew that.
I think MD would do a GREAT job, he is such a good actor and with his chemistry with QE.... clapping.gif no more words needed wink.gif
It's a pity that Ethan got the role, not that he is not good! But I prefer MD more.
I would definetely love MD and QE in FTL

* ) roseecheek, i kinda think the same way actually.... and MD said during the WQYL that he was surprised to see a person who looked like to himself in bed with QE (i think he saw the pic of the bed scene between QE and Ethan), but he then said that he felt awkward after seeing the picture..

i've been wondering if he got jealous or not to see QE has bed scenes with Ethan and i heard there will be a lot of romantic scenes between QE and Ethan... oh no!!!
whereas MingEn only has really few romantic scenes in their two series...

* ) Alright girls, I get worry when seeing FTLY popped up again, we just got out one gun cannel for for sake people, do you want history repeating itself?

But since Boss Naomi bought it up.
I'll say it once and won't touch on it again.

Properly because I don't watch FTLY so I don't have any special feeling for it. I've only base on what I've heard and read about it. So it, it is still another version of fairy Tale in another word PTF. Rich guys meet poor, blur girl and had an accident.

If Mingen were to play in it, it would going to be old road all over again apart from the bed scene, and who knows, people will start critising about "If that the only kind roles they can play?" or "They are only good at it because I've played that type of roles before!"

I want Mingen to challenge themself on something new, something different. Something that made me wow and said "No one can act out better or as good as them in that role."

I might be the only one, but that's why I LOVE Ying Ye so much. It brings Mingen's chemistry into a different era.

In WZBQW, the love story is typical, Prince meet underated girl and felt in love and would do anything for her. Mingen achieved that to the max.

In YY3+1, it's a totally unrelated love story, two childhood friends, grew up together, fight together and fall in love together. And in the end they'll try to do everything to keep their love intact. I've said before, I think MD & QE are the only two actors who can portraited the love between AJ and XT in such a deep, lingering way that made you smile everytime they fight and cry everytime they separated. That's original and to more more valuable.

But let keep peace here guys, start away from FTLY to keep the intruders away please.

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