Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pretty TVB Ancient Costumes?

I've always adored the beauty of traditional Chineses fashion. I especially adore the ancient costume representations of hanfu worn for TVB series. Well, who do you think wore the prettiest ancient costumes and in what series did that artist star in? This does not have to be just hanfu, but other traditional Chinese dress from other dynasties as well. Also, who do you think wore the best ancient hairstyle? Please post pictures so we can all see your opinions!

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* ) i thnk tvb did a reallli good job in its ancient chinese customes...this is one part of tvb that i realli admire is its costumes and clothings..

* ) The two you listed are two of my favorites as well !
But one I could never forget is Tavia in Twin of Brothers , as Lee Sau Ning . She looked so beautiful in that series ! Also Tavia in Land of Wealth was really good too . I think Tavia looks quite good in ancient costumes .

* ) the above pictures of bernice and leila are really pretty adn their costumes looks really pretty too. the one that tavia wore in twin of brothers was really pretty and the one that michelle ye wore in lost of the chamber of love was really pretty too.

* ) I really like the ancient costumes by TVB. Very elegant and beautiful.

Some actresses have the 'ancient beauty' when wearing the costumes.

Ex., Michelle Ye, Tavia, Bernice, Esther Kwan, etc.

* ) the ancient clothes are soo beautifull.... and the some of the hairstyle too...

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