Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Raymond Lam + Kate Tsui, Anyone like them?

Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui acted as a couple in The Four (2008, airing soon).

They also worked together in the performance of MissHK2007 and some other functions.

I think they make a nice and fresh couple. Anyone here like them?

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I love the two of them individually so naturally I will love this couple! I think that Kate really looks too young for Ray but the pictures of them dancing together looks really HOT! Can't wait for their chemistry in "The Four"!

* ) I agree, Kate does look abit too young for Raymond...but she is actually older than him by half a year. (she certainly doesn't look like her age) I'm looking forward to see how this new couple would work out in 'the four'.

* ) What can I put two hot people together, you get a very attractive pairing. Ya, I do think the age difference is kind of apparent, but so far they seem quite alright, and while I like Raymond, Kate is one of the few actresses whom I'm starting to like too. Looking forward to see what they have to offer in The Four.

* ) ^Very youthful look indeed. XD Recently I was thinking if she would have too modern a look for an acient series like "The Four", but if the acting and chemistry with Raymond is good then it wouldn't really matter then.

Personally I'm the sort of person who wouldn't get my hopes up, because if you expect less, if it turns out to be good, the impact will be sweeter. ^^; So with regards to the show I am anticipating, but not looking out for much in particular.

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