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Tavia + Ron = TaRo ( Adorable Sweet TaRo COuple )

True TaRo fan's already know TaRo's background info!!

Why we love TaRo?

Tavia and Ron were both unappreciated artists in TVB. Due to their hard work they finally got up to the spot that they are today. Having to go through thick and thin with each other their relationship was built as high as a pyramid. The friendship between them was what pulled us to love them; however, this isn't the reason why we love Tavia and Ron together. It is because of their fabulous chemistry Off-screen and On-screen that makes TaRo fans swoon over them. What even makes TaRo couple more special than any others is that us fans see a blossoming Romance between them. Especially Ron’s undying sweet actions for Tavia. After years TaRo fans finally see Tavia’s sweet actions for Ron. Hopefully, their romantic chemistry truly become real romance.

Year 2005 -2006

TaRo's Collaboration Project

1. Find the Light - Although they aren't paired together but their three minutes together on screen for the series was more than wonderful. infatuated.gif

2. Twins of Brothers - Again a series that does not pair the two; however, this series was the series that really sparks their wonderful off-screen actions.

3. The Academy - Finally a series that was suppose to be meant for the couple but ended up not being like so. However, that's not all bad because their on-screen actions was more blissful than expected. Especially the surprising and infamous tongue kiss.

4. The Academy 2 (On the First Beat) - A sad ending for the pair but their chemistry and love moments are not to be missed at all.

Interesting Facts

Tavia met Ron while she was still in Acting Training Class. He was taking TVB dancing class right next door. At first she had a timid feelings towards him but the more she knows him the more she realize that he isn't the cold type of a person that everyone thought that he would be. She used to have a crush on him during those years and currently view him as the most handsome guy in TVB. Tavia also admit that her and Ron are very compatible because they match from top to bottom. She also admits that they sometimes go shopping they even held hands with each other. Also, both loves Shanghai and Canada. Ron want to be Tavia's next door neighbor both in Shanghai and Canada. They are hoping to do a wedding photo shoot with each other.


* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I notice that in all the TVB anniversary pics, Ron smiles the happiest and sweetest in 2005 because he got to walk the red carpet with Tavia. In 2006, he has to rob Tavia from someone else and share the walk with Tavia with Moses. 2007 is of course full of Raymond and Bosco threat syndromes.

* ) At the end for me Taro is always the best you know what , in my computer , when i look through all of my pics , i really found a lot of Taro pics ! it about 2/3 my Ron's picture . Ron took almost his pics with Tavia when comparing to others Ron-couples like Ronleila or Ronshirley , even he had collaborated with them in a lot of series !
next week i have a lot of exams ! so i won't be here for usually . hic . so sad .

* ) And I do think it's amazing how TARO are like so close and still behaving like a couple until now even though they hardly collaborate in any series. That shows something, that their relationship is genuine and not just for promotional tactics, unlike some others. I really appreciate the way Ron find his way to Tavia in every occasion that they are together. Or was it Tavia finding Ron? But nahh, I have seen pictures and it was Ron going to Tavia like how he dumped his partner of red carpet in 2006 to go to Tavia.

Talking about TARO hardly collaborating in any series, I remember when it was the first time TARO collaborated for the radio show Laboratory Love. Can really see Ron was very happy and excited and hyper about it. Their interview on that radio show is so cute too, Ron always relate almost every answer to Tavia. Anyway, can really feel that he is so into her. And he has never done that with his any other partner.

* ) Taro is my 3rd fav couple, after fungyi and bota, despite that, I'll still play my part to support it. Just amazing how much tavia gets along well with these 3 guys, and coincidently, 3 of the hottest favs. among the many male leads. =)

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