Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tse Family Show United Front

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Cecilia Cheung (張拍芝) and baby Lucas arrived back in Hong Kong yesterday. It was the first time that the whole family had been caught on camera in public since Cecilia was implicated by the Edison Chen (陳冠希) sex photos scandal in January.

Nicholas had been in Thailand filming Storm Riders 2 <風雲2>. Cecilia and Lucas had surprised Nicholas with an impromptu visit. The family had kept a low profile in Thailand, and reporters could not track them down.

However, 20 reporters saw the family off at Bangkok airport.

Although Cecilia looked po-faced, Nicholas appeared in good spirits. When met by the media scrum, he impersonated his dad and joked: "If you bump into my son, I will kick you onto the wall."

Lucas looked stylish in a BAPE beanie hat and Adidas sneakers.

When making for the departure gate, Nicholas smiled to the photographers: "Bye, bye! You can all go for a break now."

Nicholas has not completed his work in Thailand and was scheduled to film this Friday and Saturday, but the production team gave him some time off to escort his family back home.

However, he could not get a ticket on the same flight as Cecilia and Lucas and had to fly separately.

But the flights departed at around the same time and the family reunited before making their way through the media scramble in the arrivals hall at Hong Kong airport.

The couple, who have shunned the media since the scandal, let photographers take as many photos as they pleased, in what appeared to be a deliberate effort to show a united front.

Neither Nicholas nor Cecilia has yet directly commented on the scandal.

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