Sunday, May 04, 2008

Andy Lau Carries the Olympic Torch at Nathan Road

Andy Lau Carries the Olympic Torch Loud Cheers; Thousands Welcome Him at Nathan Road

The entire city waited for the sacred Olympic flame relay in Hong Kong and it finally happened yesterday. Seven artistes, representing the entertainment industry, were torch bearers: Andy Lau, Alex Fong, Kelly Chen, Leo Ku, Liza Wang, Eason Chan and Jackie Cheung. They were responsible for Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road, Avenue of Stars, and Wan Chai Road. TVB executive Stephan Chen and Pansy Ho relayed the torch at Tsing Ma Bridge and Central district. The most impressive part of the relay was in Nathan Road. The four superstars Andy, Alex, Kelly and Leo were running the relay at that location. On both sides of their path, tens of thousands of people lined up. Andy was the most popular and the crowd would scream and cheer as he relayed the torch. Alex was praised to be the most stylish of the runners. Kelly’s running motion was the most beautiful. Jackie and Eason, who ran the Wan Chai Road, were also fiercely welcomed by the crowd.

Andy was torch bearer number 004. He was the first artiste torch bearer in the relay. He appeared to be very joyful. He ran with more heart when he saw the passionate response of the crowd. Afterwards, he accepted an interview and expressed that he was extremely nervous before he ran. He was waiting inside a tour bus. Workers instructed him how to deal with sudden emergencies. Luckily, everything went according to plan. He needed to remind himself to not run too fast. He also needed to keep smiling and waving his other hand while he carried the torch.

During his run, he felt blessed like his hand was passing on the Olympic spirit. He was the torch bearer this time and hopes he can have a chance to be an athlete representing Hong Kong. He would display the torch and the athletic suit in his fan club.

When Andy was running and carrying the torch, his fans would enthusiastically cheer him on and encourage him to “add oil”. He was very happy. According to sources, some of Andy’s fans were staking out spots as early as 5 AM. Andy returned to the Cultural Centre to rendezvous with the other torch bearers. Hundreds of his fans were already surrounding his ride. Andy wasn’t worried with his personal safety but feared that people will get hurt from the pushing within the crowd.

Jackie was torch bearer number 116. He relayed the Wan Chai Road section. He was the last artiste of the torch bearers. The crowd cheered him on when he received the flame. Jackie was very happy, excited and waved to the crowds at his side. But he forgot his running pose and ran facing to one side. He ran close to the motorcycle riding traffic police officers who were providing security. Jackie realized his error and ran back to the middle of the road. His assistant conveyed Jackie’s feelings. He said he was very happy. He was nervous before he was running and felt completely relaxed after he finished his mission. Jackie’s family was not at the location to watch him.

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* ) Wow, it looks very exciting. I sor tof saw the previews yesterday night on Direct TV and it looked like a lot of people were coming to see them carrying the torch.

* ) I'm not surprised that Andy's the first artiste torch bearer in the relay. He has a great image and he's a great icon. Jackie Cheung is another great choice. Alex Fong is simply there because he competed in the Olympics before, which is a good choice as well. But I am surprised with Leo, Eason and Kelly. These are great artists, but are they really iconic enough? Or those other artists were simply not reported in this article simply because this article is targeted towards the younger generation?

* ) Too bad I wasn't there when this happens... I would love to watch Andy run... So happy Andy is part of this!!! I m imagine his fans cheering him on!!!

* ) why no Sonija Kwok in the list of runners ?

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