Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hins Cheung Wears Orange to Welcome Olympics

Hins Cheung Supports an Independent Tibet?; Wears Orange to Welcome Olympics

The Olympic flame was relayed in Hong Kong yesterday. For the past couple of days, a lot of Hong Kong singers and artistes have busily attended functions to promote the Olympics; such as singing songs together. But mainland Chinese singer Hins Cheung has worn the wrong colour clothing. He chose to wear an orange colour which is politically sensitive. Yesterday, Hins was in Macau and attended the “中 銀 100 日 迎 奧 運 Super Show”. Hacken Lee, Denise Ho, Kenny Bee, Fama, Ivana Wang and others also attended the show. They wore black, white, red, purple coloured clothing but it was not as eye catching as Hins’ orange jacket. Jens Galschiot started the “Orange Operation”. The colour orange represented democracy, Tibet and Myanmar monks. It also represented revolution. One person shouted that by wearing orange clothing, they are paying attention to human rights. Yesterday, Hins wore his long sleeved orange sweater at the Olympic welcoming function. People suspected that he was supporting a free and independent Tibet! People glanced at him from the sides.

Hins accepted an interview after going on stage to sing while wearing his orange jacket. Hins said that he didn’t notice anything was wrong when he arrived at the location and wearing his orange jacket His colleagues from the label were aware of the situation and afraid that he would be lumped together in the free Tibet issue if Hins continued to wear the orange sweater. Hins finally figured out that he was wearing the wrong clothes. Hins explained: “Lately, I have been unwell. I have a rash on my arm and I didn’t want to take off the jacket to expose the rash. In the end, I chose to continue to wear it.”

Hins stressed his clothing colour choice had no special meaning. He wants to set an example of what not to wear and warn other singers to be careful of these issues during the Olympics. He also made known that he had a bout of depression after his concert finished. The depression lasted two weeks and compounded by his weak health; he thought he wasn’t going to live! Hins said: “My mom took me back to Guangzhou to see a Chinese doctor. I found out I had a weak kidney and cold stomach. The doctor prescribed herbal medication to boost and nourish my body.”

Jerry Lam has left TVB. He reunited with old partners Eric Tsang and Ka-Lok Chen to MC the function as “Super Trio” hosts. Ka-Lok came onstage and joked: “Haven’t worked together for a long time. Macau and Hong Kong are separated by water. We are in Hong Kong but separated by TV stations.” Jerry responded: “We are all supporting the Olympics.” Then they both sang the “Super Trio” theme song to welcome Eric onstage. Eric said: “This is the difference between a partner and someone who is no longer your partner.” Jerry said that he is in awe when he faces Eric and it hasn’t changed. Bernice Liu came out to play games. She slipped down the stairs because she was too excited. Luckily the MC reached out in time to help her out. She was able to catch a piece of toast with Bosco Wong using their cheeks. But they joked and wonder if she would have done better with her tabloid boyfriend Moses Chan. She laughed out loud and didn’t answer the question.

In the past, Denise and Juno Mak were rumoured to be together. But they lacked a tacit understanding. They kept a distance between each other when they were playing games. Afterwawrds, Denise expressed that she wasn’t embarrassed and hoped the rumours were put to a rest. She revealed that she was the godmother of her male assistant. Denise said: “I am of high quality and intelligent. Best for “breeding”. You can’t control who you get married to but you can control childbirth.”

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