Saturday, May 10, 2008

Anne Heung leave Entertainment Industry

Ten years ago, Anne Heung was crowned Miss Hong Kong 1998. Now aged 34, Anne officially left the entertainment industry on the 1st of May.

Anne has filmed over twenty TVB series, but this is no longer where her interest lies. She will be studying a course in Chinese law to prepare for her future career path.

Article from Next Weekly Issue 948

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* ) whoa.. really? i didnt know that.
Well she has been downgraded alot by TVB so no wonder she got bored.
Schooling for the future is always good so i wish her good luck on that.

* ) Wow, ok, still, I'm surprised, but wish her all the best in her career... Wonder if her mind was on that path all along, or just a sudden change...

* ) goo dfor her! haven't seen her very much in the last few years. didn't really like her acting that much, but glad to hear that she has bigger and better plans.

* ) I think it's good for her since she was never able to rise up as female lead material. So she wants to be a lawyer? Good luck to her!

* ) I'm not surprised at all. I heard a long time ago that she was getting into law school. I think that her last leading drama was ''Love is Beautiful'' in 2001. Since then, she was always getting supporting roles because of the new generation of rising young stars like Raymond, Ron, Tavia, Myolie, Bernice, etc. I wish her good luck in her future path and a lot of success

* ) You can't blame Anne for wanting to leave because TVB never really promoted her and her acting was improving...Its really sad she left the entertainment industry...I think she should've went to school for the major she wants to major because that way she can just go into the other career she's is interested... That's why people say to get 2 majors just in case...Like get a major for pshycology and another major in dance just in case if you don't make it to dance you have a pshycology major!! but wish Anne the best and I hope she will come back to TVB someday!

* ) It is no surprise that she is leaving the entertainment industry. The audience was not a great fan of her acting and she realizes lot of new and upcoming actresses are becoming popular and got roles for new series instead of her. I do think she is better off doing something that is more desire to her and something she will enjoy. Wish her the best of luck and hopefully, she may come back to make some appearances on different variety shows and other TVB shows.

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