Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moses Chan's Interview

Source TVB Chinese News
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Moses Chan's Interview; Mom expresses he brought female friends home to shower

Yesterday, Moses accepted an interview with Cha Sui Yan, and he brought his mother along. During the interview his mom revealed that back in the days when he lived in Australia, he would often bring his female friends home after hanging out at the beach. They would go to his house to use his washroom for showering. She expressed that up until now, he hasn’t brought a girlfriend home before. She says that she doesn’t have too many expectations for Moses’ girlfriend, as long as she is respectful.

Moses is known as a very filial son. His mom said that he has never raised his voice when they talk and is very filial, but sometimes she is worried that he might be too filial. She expressed that in the past when he accepted the offer to film “晚九朝五” which required him to reveal himself, she told him not to reveal too much. Back then Moses told her that he had already signed a contract, and if he didn’t meet their requirements he would have to owe them a lot of money. After that, she allowed him to film it, expressing that she didn’t have that much money to pay the company back.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) moses sure looks like a good man. they always say you can judge a guy from the way he treats his own family.

* ) haha I wonder if his mom is trying to help him cover up for Bernice. lol..kidding..aniwaes, yeah I agree..from how a person treats his family, you can tell his character! I think he's a good guy. Crappy but nice.

* ) Haha..maybe his house is nearest to the beach?

I think that he is such a nice, sweet and fillial guy but I'm waiting to hear his and Bernice's wedding

* ) I read the chineses news. His house is right in front of the beach. that's why those girls went to his house for shower. I heard he live near Gold Coast at Brisbane. When Car Siu Yan ask his mom Moses is her no which child, his mom say BB. (baby). That's really cute. I am very happy to hear both Ray and Mo are best of friends. I love both of them.

* ) wow moses really seems like the perfect guy right now. can't wait till his relationship with bernice goes public ;]

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