Monday, May 12, 2008

Another girl group

SM’s new group, TOUCHS will debut in June.

After CSJH and SNSD, this year’s girl group will be TOUCHS. They will debut in Korea in June of this year.

SM Entertainment’s TOUCHS will have seven members. Four members will be from Korea, while the other three will be from China, Japan and Singapore. Besides knowing many languages from many countries, it will have other specialties as well. Members include: Stella, Choi Si Won's rumored ex girl friend . Their song will be written by famous lyricist,Yoo Young Jin, and will be given a digital release.

Yoo Young Jin does writes a lot of music for Super Junior and his songs are very beautiful.

Nikki: What kind of a name is TOUCHS?


* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) i have hear of this news. and im pretty shocked that there's a singaporean as well whistle.gif
but this girl band is a cross nation band, pretty cool

* ) i knew this will be posted here.
but this is not true and everything is just rumor.
snsd debuted not long ago. i doubt SM will debut another girl group so soon.
& this news supposedly came from baidu. not trustworthy.

* ) This seems very unlikely. SNSD has just debuted and they're at their peak right now. If this new girl group debuts, then won't they be competing against each other?

If this really is true, I can't imagine the SM Town albums.

* ) SM is totally out of control with these HUGE groups... why not keep things simple as it was back in the days with 3 members max... we need a S.E.S reincarnation

* ) hmm for some reason,,i dont think the news of a new girl group is shawty pointed out..snsd didnt debut that long ago, and already another girl group,,,plus,,i rkn they shouldnt just mention stella,,i find it kinda surprising how stellas name was only mentioned..cuz i thought that shes debuting as actress not singer,,cuz if it was singer,,wouldnt she had been in snsd b4 since shes really close to all the members...hmm..just my opinion

this "new group" also reminds me of a female version of super junior m for some reason..4 koreans...3 from different countries,,it would be surprising to see what theyve got,,sounds like alot of talent^^

* ) Yups, isn't Stella debuting as an actress? At least wait two years till they debut another girl group. Too soon for me SoShi wouldn't of have had even reached their one year yet once they debut. And the number, even though its not as great as 9. SM has got to stop with these massive groups ><'

* ) touchs lol cant even say it properly... =/
7 members isnt that bad, i wonder if their style will be similar to snsd...

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