Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ron Ng makes funny faces

Translated by: Sammy@
Source: On.Cc
Date: Saturday, 10th May 2008

Ron Ng, Michael Miu and Michael Tse were waiting for people to start filming for the new series Academy Full Throttle in Central and WanChai. Ron was filming a scene at about 3pm yesterday with Oscar Leung one of the cast members at WanChai.

Even though Ron was only filming a road scene that day, he was very professional because when he was having a break he decided to read the script. While Oscar was waiting for people to familiarize themselves with the script, Ron immediately joined them. Afterwards Ron realized there were paparazzi taking pictures so he decided to make funny poses in front of the cameras.

* eSeong Network User reviews *

* ) Wow, Ron looks so much better than he did in the other Academy series! wink.gif Me likey! LOL. I hope TA3 will have a good storyline, and Ron won't be too much of a butt-head like he was in the last one!

* ) lol XD ron looks slightly different without makeup haha.. or is it just the way the photo was taken?

* ) lol...making faces to keep the paparrazzi entertained? haha! He looks different from OTFB...I think it's his hair? Haven't seen him in action on drama series for a while...Hope he has improved from before.

* ) He looks so much better here instead of his short crop hair in OTFB and TA!

* ) LOL haha keeping the paparazzi entertained?
At least they won't make any bad news out of him this way!
I haven't seen him in so long, I miss watching him!

* ) Ron looks so cute in the pics and i agree that he is looking better than before. I am looking forward to seeing Ron in more series!

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