Tuesday, May 06, 2008

April 28 to May 4th Drama rating report

Looks like...

1. Catch Me Now (原來愛上賊) - 32 points, up 1 point

2. The Sliver Chamber of Sorrow (銀樓金粉) - 29 points

3. Best Selling Secrets (同事三分親) - 27 points

Source: http://drama.tvb.com/

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I have been following the sliver chamber of sorrow. It is nice that the rating is high esp since most of the young actors are not the "prime TVB actors" except for the verteran actors. I like the storyline.

* ) i'm one of those who are staying away from chamber of sorrow, it's just NOT MY TYPE of series...hence, my mom does watch it, though.....surprised catch me did 32-point rating cuz i felt their last week's episodes werent as exciting as the first week...

* ) I like both dramas, Catch Me Now and Silver Chamber of Sorrow although both are totally different. Maybe b'cos i like Christine Ng, somehow veteran stars are better.

* ) It's good to see that series Catch Me Now has some pretty good ratings. I think this series is a very good series, it's rather captivating to see who will win in the end: the thieves or the cops.

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