Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Raymond Lam's ears turn red

Source: TaKungPo
Translated by: Kat @ RaymondLam.org

Raymond Lam and Leila Tong were invited to Macau yesterday, to promote some whitening products for Clinque. Raymond also had to rush to film HOG 2, which will air during the Autumn Moon Festival. Even though there were several studios in TVB which had flu outbreaks, Raymond said he's lucky he wasn't the source, but still needed to take anti-biotics to improve his defences. He revealed that HOG 2 will air 20 episodes before the Olympics, and then continue airing after it. He believes this will not interrupt the momentum, rather it will keep the audiences longing for more, because there will be climaxes in every episode. It will be Mother's Day this Sunday, Raymond's mother returned to HK recently, even though he has to work that day, he will definitely take some time to have dinner with his mum and plans to give her a handbag as a gift.

Fighting against “easily red”
As for whitening, Raymond openly admits that he will look twice at girls who have white skin with redness shining through (think snow white!). Both eyes should have life and never have any dark circles, and long hair is a must have. For himself he has thin skin so his face goes red easily. When asked whether Moses Chan (who plays his brother in the series) gets easily red as well, he laughs and says Moses' face gets red unusually. Actually they're quite shy. About Moses' face goes red every time the reporters ask about rumoured girlfriend Bernice – Raymond says even if they don't talk about her, even thinking about it makes Moses' face go red. So will his face go red when asked about rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung? He fightingly said, “Just see whether my face goes red now? (Your ears are red!) My ears go red easily, his (Moses) face goes red.”

Leila was called “black girl”
When Leila was young she was called “black girl”, and during “Twin of Brothers” some people have criticised that they have never seen an angel (? her character anyway) so tanned. Plus in summer she likes to swim, so her skin will only turn lighter in winter. She is resting now after filming a series, so at home she's learning cooking skills from her mum. She would like to cook some home style Indonesian dishes for her mum on Mother's Day, plus some whitening products as her mum recently likes to plant vegetables outdoors, so mum and daughter can both have white skin. Also she was discovered wearing an ear pressure point patch, she said she got a cold and was coughing while filming, so she was referred to a Chinese medicine doctor. As the ear pressure point patch worked very well, when she got better she kept using it to maintain her health.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) ooh, i want some of those ear pressure point patch...my ears goes deaf sometimes.

that's really cute how moses face gets red (if) everytime Bernice is mentioned. In real life, though... women may be attracted to his humility and shyness at first, but i dont think it'll last very long.

* ) Raymond Lam is always promoting new products. He sure has a lot of endorsements since he's such a big fan. The only Clinque product I've tried is their masacera. I can't wait for the HOG2

* ) Wow, his plan to deny the rumors actually backfired since his ears were red. But I guess it was due to some other reasons though it provides a definite hint at the rumors to the media.

I've never remembered Leila as tanned in TOB, only in "Aqua Heroes". It's quite amazing how her skin is so white now!

* ) LOL that Raymond! He just had to tease Moses about Bernice, everytime! haha....but he's such a tanned person. If his girlfriend is very fair, it'll be such a great contrast! And no eyebags? That is a very hard-to-fulfill criterion. =S Most people have eyebags...from working too hard. Or mabe dark circles, at least.

* ) Yeah, finally a Raymond and Leila are attending a function together. Love seeing them together, I think they look so cute in the picture.

* ) Raymond is so adorable... It is true why Raymond said though if you have thin skin then you get read really easily... Reporters are so noisy!!

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