Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Arena X Yata summer heat wave Summer Chill Out Party

Lvhui Yi said that since the drama series "fell in love with the original thief," Kennedy wearing a show than people in recent days, many companies find a swimsuit she wore to show, the night before last was the first trip swimsuit show.

Lvhui Yi of the public called "original" role play "long crab legs," Youhuo reporter praising build good, she said frankly is not very good, but that Chan's beautiful legs, their Tuijiu a bit of fat.

Yuan Ming-site success of the recent weight loss, she and Lvhui Yi, Chen Min, praising the legs of beautiful, the most dissatisfied with their waist is the "Call of meat" and is of the proportion not good enough, while she is on the tube 34 C, but Li also consciously not by Lam fullness.

Huang Yiwen said not afraid of being Qiangjing, Jin Ge dancing because she has a sexy enough, she said the performances have paid six figures.

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