Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eason Chan Shooting new MV

Eason Chan (Eason) earlier with the staff to Beijing for the new song "Road…… have been in the" shoot MV, also found the name of a white noise of the MV director.

Zhang Bai's "curiosity killed the cat," Liu Jialing to try the taste of Jinji video, and after Eason, Karen Mok and Eric Tsang, who co-operation film, Eason eyes of their talent, so he should be designated for the new Song MV directors do.

As Eason went to other places to publicity, so the day would start early morning 7:00, but because the bus too much, when the plant moved to shooting, the staff must first body around the Daohou Jing and small parts are only moving in the demolition Income. Eason played in the MV bus drivers and passengers on board together with the Jam song.

Eason's has always been naughty with a walkie-talkie Naozhuo Wan, a number of actors that he did not like the character of the shelf. One actor arrived at the scene, we all feel that she is very familiar, it was "the Yangtze River on the 7th," the barbarous Fanchuan to Aberdeen, the day her to a more refined package coming out of pink, after introduction, she found the original long ago Eason participated in the activities and dance performances.

Eason and her playing very Touqi, so the middle part of a Jam song to her hand.

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