Friday, May 30, 2008

Artist Continue Moving arround the disaster areas in Sichuan

For this visit the disaster areas, said Hua Zi see the screen with news reports is very different, because patients recover De Haokuai, and a good spirit, and speed the reconstruction of disaster areas soon, he grateful Road: "I would like to thank the People's Liberation Army!"

Huazi They also said that the spirit of, or serious, adhere to rebuild and put in a good energy, whether it is physical, material, psychological, money has also resumed De Haokuai, the Chinese people too terrible! Hua Zi: "The mainland and Hong Kong artists to visit the disaster areas, is to bring the unhappy victims, because other aspects of Bangbu Shang, but we will do with the time commitment, in the coming days to give them all the love, so that they Doing better, faster and better recovery.

"Hua Zi also see that the victims are optimistic about the good and a good heart Thanksgiving, also smiling faces, the miserable situation is not news reports, he also think that good Happy.

Sammi asking question and answer about the disaster areas in Sichuan

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