Friday, May 30, 2008

Celebrating Party "Forensic Heroes Ⅱ"

"Forensic Heroes Ⅱ" of a group of actors including She Shiman (A SHE), Mengjia Hui (Yoyo), Yang Siqi, and Linuo Yangxiu Hui Yi, yesterday to the hotel swimming pool "elite water to Fighters "During a Zhongnv artistes.

Although wore swimsuits, but some Afghan She would like to put T-shirt to cover up, sexy 1996 level, while always build the most impressive Si-qi sexy. During the game, Sau-male members of the public due to drag the water, producer Mei Xiaoqing to punish all the strong men, ordered them to stand on the pool side Yizipaikai female artist to play the water.

A Shesheng happened yesterday is, the public relations special preparation for her big cake to celebrate, because the late Huang Changxing, everyone was asked to French kiss-A SHE, but at last he only Qingwen on her cheeks. A SHE yesterday in swimsuit, with T-shirts, sexy degrees, that Si-qi is the most sexy.

Azerbaijan She said: "I am not Nanzi, did not pay attention to whether other Nvzi sexy. (Which then the male artistes The most sexy swimsuit ») I most want to pay attention to Bobby (Ouyangzhenhua), fantasy wear his pants 1.30 Tingzhao Dadu Nan, but he did not come, good disappointed."

For her-not with the Si-qi, and that drama They have several in the show are good and spark, Azerbaijan She also admitted that many field drama theater has spark, the first week of the highest ratings have 35 points.

Referring to the selling of wireless-Azerbaijan She said the company did not verify, but personally feel that Liu Shu (Shaw) is a good boss, it's best not replace, and the company has been working well, artificial high, but In order to stabilize the people, can be coupled with the best of Xiaoyan.

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