Friday, May 30, 2008

Bernice celebrate First Anniversary of business in Hong Kong

(Bernice) yesterday attended the "B & Q to celebrate the first anniversary of business in Hong Kong" campaign, Bernice was the designer for her well-designed room, sponsored by the home decoration.

Bernice was wearing a black. Lian Shenqun present, shoulder and back to red are drying up, she explained recently to port, but not to play, is to take ads, but could not open it. Later, she will show to Malaysia to do disaster relief, estimated to stay two or three days, she refers to Malaysia and Singapore that many people would see her show, so many ads to make her ad.

And local artists may have less to do Disaster Relief show, will help find her, she will perform what unknown, but did not sing and dance so-called. And before she had to have a pet Gouzi of doing good things, Malaysia and Singapore both she did not sell this book, she proposed to bring some local charity, Bernice means to do good things, even if the money is not fined for excess baggage mind.

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