Friday, May 30, 2008

Maggie Cheung Donated 2 million to disaster relief fund-raising activities

Sichuan serious earthquake disaster, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists were actively involved in disaster relief fund-raising activities to help victims rebuild their homes. Maggie Cheung (Maggie) last night, also attended a fashion show called for donations, she also donated 2 million to the victims, it also contribute money. For Sharon Stone before the earthquake that Sichuan is China's "karma" remarks, Maggie also refers to the other side can not help but shake his head too far. The celebutante Xue Zhilun more to see Sharon Stone decided to stop the film, she said Zhichi are fallacies.

Maggie Cheung was invited to attend the evening of the Diesel fashion show, guests were attending SIT Zhilun, Ren Dahua, Qi-qi, Juno Mak, Xu Hao Ying, Ho Chiu-King permeability points battle, and the General Assembly also invited the supermodel and rhododendrons Le-line Sao children. When Maggie and the brand's founder Renzo Rosso-emerge, all also Hongdong, the audience also warmly Paizhang.

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