Friday, May 02, 2008

" Big Bang And Minah " Catch On Tape

Big Bang’s TOP (21) and actress Shin Minah (24) have been together for over three months and they managed to keep their relationship under wraps from the VIPers who live outside Big Bang’s apartment until Sports Seoul broke the news.

The stalkerazzis at Sports Seoul reported that these two were an item after they witnessed Shin Minah picking up TOP the Big Bang dormitory and TOP visiting Shin Minah’s apartment numerous times over past three weeks.

According to YG, the two started out as friends when TOP asked for acting advice for “I am Sam” and quickly became lovers. So this is why TOP ventured into acting.

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) OMG!!! I know many will be sad but

they'll realize that it brought TOP good things since he's became happier when he's inLOVE..

* ) OMG!
So jaloux, wanted him for myself.
But then, if he likes her then I have nothing else to do than give him to her. wavecry.gif
I bet she would get alot of anti vip's against her.
I kinda feel sorry for her!

* ) wow,i'm so happy for him,good luck to him and shin minah!i never thought they are together!

* ) I'm soooo happy for them.. wish them both goodluck!

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