Friday, May 09, 2008

BoA Breaks a Leg

Just as Tohoshinki finishes their third live tour in Japan, another SM Entertainment and Avex Trax star, Kwon BoA will begin hers. The 21 year old will begin her tour: BoA THE FACE TOUR 2008(seventh tour) in two days.

Although suffering from injuries, BoA's tour will go on as scheduled. The super star had broken her leg during her mini-concert, THE FACE Premium Live. The concert took place in Ichihara City Hall, Tokyo where BoA stated, “Even with my many years of training, I have been overworking my body and broke my leg. Please excuse me for that.” The show still continued and she stayed professional throughout the concert, but had to be escorted by her staff once it was over.

On a brighter note, BoA revealed that she will not stick with her new hairdo. She has also confirmed that she will appear on The Star Show on May 19th back in Korea.

source: allkpop

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) OH NO!!
I kind of pity celebrities who have to put on a brave face during tough times.
I think shes being really professional to continue her tour
But no one should push themselves so hard..
Everyone needs a break once in a while..

* ) I hope she heals and gets better soon !

* ) awww BoA is over working herself again. i hope she gets well soon and her concerts will be accident free~

* ) awee. BoA's working herself again ! D: i hope she gets better soon ! So pro to continue with her tour even though she injured her leg !

* ) ei, Boa is a good dancer, hope her injuries will heal faster and won't affect her career that much, I like her dancing and singing, she'e so cute

* ) They should really consider not to overwork her. She really need a vacation she working too hard.

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