Friday, May 09, 2008

Lead TVB Series for the First Time

Wayne Lai to Lead TVB Series for the First Time

Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Rabeea Yeung, Gregory Lee Wing Ho, and other TVB artists born in the month of May appeared at the "May Birthday Party Celebration." Wayne's birthday was on May 4th, thus he already celebrated with his family. Delightfully surprising Wayne, his son delivered Wayne's gift via a remote controlled airplane.

Wayne also has another ideal birthday present. In July, Wayne will be filming new series "Wives and Mistresses In Groups"《妻妾成群》as the main lead actor.

Leading a series for the first time, will Wayne be overly nervous? Wayne said he will film with a normal attitude. Whether he plays a lead or supporting role does not have an impact on him. The only difference was that there has been more people noticing his acting in the last several years. Wayne's only concern is that his performance does not live up to people's expectations.

Shirley Yeung's boyfriend, Gregory Lee's birthday will be May 16th. He has not considered how to celebrate his upcoming birthday yet. Reporters asked whether his birthday wish is to get married? Gregory said he would like to firmly establish his career before marriage. His family has not given him pressure either.

Source: Weneweipo
Credits: Jayne

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) I'm so glad Wayne finally gets to lead. He's a great actor and he's so hilarious.

* ) he definitely got a lot of screentime in the last couple of years in Safe Guards, Steps, and he definitely stole the show in Gentle Crackdown 2
I love his acting...

* ) FINALLY......about time! this is awesome news!!! we all know wayne is loooooooooooong due for a major-lead role...nice !!!

* ) YAY! I love Wayne's acting and he's so funny in all his roles! I'm glad TVB is finally taking notice of his talent and giving him a main role! GOOD JOB WAYNE!

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