Tuesday, May 20, 2008

“boxing dance”

Wonder Girls has the “Tell Me dance.” Jewelry has the “ET dance.” SS501 has the “Jjanggu dance.” Who’s next?

Well, Dongwan has the “boxing dance,” which was coined by Netizens and can be seen being performed by the Shinhwa member and his female backup dancers during the chorus of his new song “Secret.” According to fans, in “Secret,” Dongwan is able to further show his stage presence and his vocal abilities as compared to when he was promoting his first album.

Source: Segye
translations: krnloop

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) ha ha ha
i love his boxing dance
now if only he would really dance to it while performing his song
will be much better

the new song is interesting and nice
not bad
i would say
better than the first

* ) the new song is awesome but I gotta say the boxing dance is kinda cheesy doesn't fit well lol... well this song is very different than the first... guess DongWan has prove he can sing ballad and fast track really well. Oh and btw both album we're awesome so it's highly recommended! Too bad his entering military soon.

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