Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sun Mi Second Album Image

It seems like the sexiness has been toned down noticeably since Ye Eun, in fact probably none. Sun Mi is styled up to be like some girl where all the guys (same batch of guys) are falling all over her feet, carrying all her shopping. Sun Mi looks pretty glamorous like a top star. And just when you think where’s the leopard print? It’s actually on her high heels and her top which has leopard print in a shade of blue. Sun Mi is Sweet 16 but looks really mature in this.

Just a recap of what has happened so far, JYPE has been pushing a “CAN’T GET ENUFF or MUST HAVE the WONDER GIRLS” campaign.

"American football players wanting a piece of Ye Eun
Guys on bicycles chasing after Sun Ye
Guys in trunks wanting a piece of Yoo Bin
Guys at the beck and call of Sun Mi."

Four down, So Hee tomorrow, album to be release the day after, comeback performance on 31st May. Are you ready for the Wonder Girls Comeback?

Ok good. If she was gonna show up as some "sexy" singer i would have felt disgusted because she is like 15.

source: coolsmurf

* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) i love her pik so cute! and she looks really pretty.
yoobin and her piks are my favorite. but sun mi
sport thing is more funner. shooppping !

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