Monday, May 26, 2008

Expression of love with music

A "Golden" theme song started a "fund-raising concert will be" the prelude. Even singing the "Qi Lixiang," "can not be said that the secret" and "listen to her mother's words" and other songs, Jay quietly stood on the stage of the central tell you: "The concert with the former not the same, the initial arrangements for the programme are re - Turn over. I will be very hard to sing, and singing to express my love. Everyone's expression of love has its own way, I choose to use music to express the "finish remarks, Jay loudly shouting: "Sichuan, refueling, the resurgence," Jay Chou's attention with the audience, and he shouted with the "Sichuan, the resurgence!" Voice resounded through town over.

"I want to step by step, Wang Shangpa…… the wind off the main stream of tears and sweat, the day will come when I have my days are……" most everyone is touched by the Jay and Bashu the 30 primary school students in the choir Inspirational song "snail's pace." Jalen deep feeling of sitting on the piano, playing himself a "snail's pace" of the melody, Bashu primary school children wearing Young Pioneers 30, with immature and Jay Chou's Children sing the disaster area with the encouragement and blessing the people, appeared on the screen The earthquake affected children in the picture, suddenly people feel sad and painful.

Surui tears concert

Last night's concert special guest is Surui, Liu Geng Wang, Zhou Hui and Nanquan Mama, which are Surui and Zhou Hui Qingying to take the initiative to participate in the Concert of Chongqing. Zhou Hui presented "Buku" and used an "agreement" with the audience from scene to a chorus. Surui full of tears of the "hand", "Dear children," dedicated to the disaster areas compatriots. Pan Weibo, Donglihuoju, SHE also expressed through the VCR to the affected areas of concern and good wishes.

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