Monday, May 26, 2008

Hao Chen attend the wonderful Beijing event

ao Chen, Liaobi infants MegaBox Kowloon Bay yesterday to attend the "wonderful Beijing event. Arts and sports stars singular challenge", the two lovers wearing a red and mounted on the stage of playing table tennis with the coach, then two with the last table tennis coach .

Liaobi that their children do not know how to play table tennis, Xiaoyan later will be left to the last Hao Chen catcher. Bi-son said the other day shooting promotional activities for Zhao, Hao Chen to archery, she wants to play table tennis publicity, a private school asked her playing table tennis?

She said that did not learn, she said is good at dancing and running, now in her online to buy bicycles, hope to have time to learn stamping on a bicycle. Asked her boyfriend and the sex scandal the same exercise?

She said no, because we had too busy. Bi-child couples were asked to attend stalls, will pay higher » She said this is a company, she did not know.

Hao Chen said that a child is playing table tennis, previously at home with his brother and other children struggle downstairs table tennis Taiwan. Mengjia Hui asked him to learn playing badminton?

He laughed that work very busy, Paiju has spent a lot of time. Hao Chen Liaobi children and couples often attend the stall, he said we just give them the opportunity, as to whether it will pay higher

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