Thursday, May 01, 2008

F4 Concert Ticket in Japan Finish

F4 Concerts are on its way to Tokyo and Osaka this October
30,000 advance booking tickets are sold out,
snatched $120 millions
Fans urge for more showings

Source: Liberty Times
Date: April 30, 2008
Reported from Taipei by: Yi Wei Ci

After two and a half years separation, F4 will reunite again for Japan Concerts. Shortly after the announcement for online advance ticket booking, 30,000 registration quotas for the 3 shows are full rapidly in only a few days. Fans strongly complaint about the insufficient openings and urge the organizers to add more showings. Whether it is feasible to extend for more showings remain as an unknown. Nevertheless, F4 snatched $120 millions from only 3 shows, revealed how amazing their extra-ordinary profit-potentials.

Open Concert in Japan for the first time

March 2006, F4 held concert with 5 showings in Hong Kong. Once again, the 4 members will reunite to hold concert in coming October. This is their first time to open concert in Japan. Accordingly, there will be 3 concerts, scheduled on October 7th and 8th at Tokyo Nippon Budokan and on October 17th in Osaka. Beginning 21st of this month, fans started to register online for advance ticket bookings through the official fan clubs of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu respectively.

Online advance bookings are full

Based on our understanding, F4 will hold 3 concerts in Japan. Each showing is able to accommodate 10,000 audiences. If the openings are divided evenly among the 4 official fan clubs for advance booking, each artist enable to offer 7,500 quotas. According to our investigation, all quotas are being filled up in less than a week ever since registration was open for online advance booking. However, even one is able to register with the official fan club, he or she has to undergo for a ticket lottery in May. Presently, the registration does not guarantee a ticket to watch the concert.

Fans urge for more showings

Many fans are quite disappointed for the limited quotas. It is so hard to even get a single ticket. Other than voiced out their eagerness for more showings online, fans even made complaints with F4¡¦s management company Fulong. Zhi Xiang Li, the manager from Fulong who is in charge of coordination, indicated that there are thousands of members in each fan club of F4. Running a ticket lottery is the only way to give all a fair chance for the ticket.

In respect to fans earnest requests for more showings, Zhi Xiang Li expressed that it is impossible to extend for more showings at once. Many factors have to be taken into considerations, such as the artists availabilities, venue coordination in Japan, as well as the schedules of the production team. Therefore, more has to be negotiated with the Japanese counter-parties. Whether it could be pushed-through remain as an unknown.

This is another reunion of F4 since 2006. No matter it will come with more showings or not, the 30,000 concert tickets, each worth $4,000 (NTD), drawn $120 millions gain from the 3 concerts alone. No doubt, F4 is definitely the strongest profit-generating idol band.

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* ) F4 is sooooo popular! Congrats! Lucky fans! I want to see F4 too.

* ) im not surprised that nto a huge fan of F4, but they always hold a memory of my childhood, so i woulda ctually go their concert.. ^^ wish them the best!

* ) i wanna watch too!! just a pity it'in japan and they'll never come to singapore coz their popularity here izen as high..haiz

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