Friday, May 02, 2008

'Gal Sone' Fast Eating

Voracious speed eater Gal Sone, 22, will publish her autobiography on May 29, disclosing the secret of her speed-eating success. In the book, she says a medical examination showed that her cells burn off fat much more actively than ordinary people and that she had more bifidobacteria in the gut (which helps digest food).

In addition, Sone says she goes to the toilet six times a day without absorbing what she eats. She also writes that she has been unattached for two years because her ex-boyfriend ate her cheese bread without telling her.


* eSeong Network User Reviews *

* ) AWWWW hahaha that's so cute...she broke up with him cuz he ate her cheese bread!

dam...i wish i had her digestive super cells. then i can eat lots and not get fat

* ) lol im jealous of her she eats so much and is still do skinny
i think that breaking up over cheesebread is just hilarious

* ) is she the same girl that was having that eating contest with super junior boys?

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